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At PPI, we work to do the most good for the most people. We accomplish this by supporting research, and working with health experts to develop robust public policy strategies to prevent, treat and eradicate global public health threats. From addiction and novel viruses, to cancer, chronic pain, lifelong health conditions and ways to breach the limitations of knowledge and possibilities, PPI seeks out and encourages the development of optimal pharmacological protocols to promote restoration of human health around the world.

The Pharmacology Policy Institute was inspired by the medical practice of Howard Kornfeld, M.D. and the Recovery Without Walls program. Dr. Kornfeld is board certified in both addiction medicine and pain medicine, in addition to his 36 years of being board certified in emergency medicine. He has taught and published about his work with buprenorphine, an opioid with reduced abuse liability, for both chronic pain and addiction. He has taught as a member of the clinical faculty of the UCSF School of Medicine in the pain fellowship program for over twenty years. Please visit the Recovery Without Walls website for further information.

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